14-SEER Packaged Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Gas/Electrics

Kelvinator 14-SEER Package Air Conditoner or Heat Pump

14-SEER Packaged Air Conditioner and Heat Pump (Small Footprint)

Packaged units in a small footprint are easier to install. Because a packaged unit contains both the indoor and outdoor component (as opposed to a split system that contains an outdoor component and an indoor component) they can get rather large. Not to mention, these units come with all of the benefits of a powerful Kelvinator 14-SEER cooling system. A small footprint packaged air conditioner or heat pump can be installed right up against your house.

14-SEER Packaged Air Conditioner and Heat Pump (Large Footprint)

For installation flexibility, select the 14-SEER packaged air conditioner or heat pump. Our heavy-duty packaged cooling systems can be installed on either a roof or a slab. In addition, these systems have a convenient access panel. This way, when your packaged unit needs to be serviced, your contractor can easily access the crucial components of the system. These units also have heavy-gauge, full-perimeter base rails that allow for easy mounting and handling. Of course, you will also have the dependable performance associated with a high-quality 14-SEER air conditioner or heat pump.

14-SEER Gas Pack

If you are looking for a heating and cooling system that has all of its components in one, convenient outdoor unit, a Kelvinator gas pack can be the unit to choose. These units contain all of the components of a high-quality furnace and air conditioner. When you pair this system with high-quality indoor air quality systems and a proper duct system, you can expect effective heating and cooling power and overall home comfort. Talk to your local Kelvinator contractor for proper duct installation and advice on which indoor air quality systems will best benefit your home.

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